A funny thing happened in our Sunday school class quite a number of years ago. We had a guest speaker and she started out by asking ” How many of you are content with your lives?”  At the time our class contained about 20 of us middle aged couples in the midst of raising teenagers. To my surprise I was the only one who raised my hand. Even my husband didn’t hold his up.

UH OH, I wondered, did I misunderstand the question?  All eyes became focused on me and I felt a bit awkward having to defend the fact that I was content.

According to the dictionary the word “content” means satisfied. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any problems or that my life is perfect by any means.  Life just doesn’t work that way.  I realize I’m facing tough times ahead, many are well behind me and there are some things I’m struggling with right now, but I remain contented.

I truly believe everyone has a choice, they can choose to be happy and contented, or not, it’s all about attitude. Every single day when I wake up in the morning I make a conscience decision to be happy and satisfied. Even though I’m a bit older than I’d care to admit, I still have lots of goals and  dreams. I’m constantly pursuing them or trying to improve on them. “Never give up” has always been my motto. No matter what age a person is, they can and should have goals.

I certainly don’t drive the most expensive car on the block, or have the biggest house in town.  Material things just do not make me happy nor does being in debt from living beyond our means. I’m content and I feel blessed for what I have.

Never am I consumed with thoughts of bigger and better things, nor do I care about competing with anyone else who may have something newer, larger, or prettier than mine. I’m genuinely happy for them.  They find contentment in a different way than I do. If you’re never satisfied or are always trying to keep up with the Jones’ then you’ll never be happy and you’ll certainly never have that wonderful contented feeling.  I feel that would be a very sad existence.

My husband and I have worked very hard at whatever life has thrown our way. I’m truly grateful and extremely blessed to have such a wonderful soul mate, 3 great kids and 4 funny dogs. I have a large group of  terrific and supportive friends. I’m a Christian and my faith has played a large role in everything I do and think. Yes, I am content.

Over the years I’ve chosen many different paths and each one has enriched my life and I sincerely hope I have enriched others along the way.

I keep busy with my hobbies, quilting, decorating, raising and rescuing dogs and,of course writing. For me, it’s an escape from everyday life and I can easily loose myself into my own little world for short periods of time. Creativity makes me happy.

My life didn’t turn out exactly as I planned, personally it turned out better in many ways. I learned a long time ago to roll with the punches and that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for me and I totally trust him. So far he has never let me astray.

Life is an adventure, learn to hang on and enjoy  the ride.

I often wonder about that particular day in Sunday school, do they still all feel the same way as they did so many years ago, or are they now contented?  I pray they’ve all found the right answer.

I am happy. I am content. Are you?


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