The Front Door

By Gay N. Lewis Do people see a pleasant, clean entry when they arrive at your door? Everyone who rings the bell enters, right? Probably not. An uninvited visitor might appear, and you shoo him or her away. Perhaps you pretend no one is home and hope the person will leave. On the other hand, maybe …

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The Thrill Is Gone

By Gene Mathis I have titled this short discourse “The Thrill Is Gone”. The late bluesmaster B.B. King’s most well known song was “The Thrill Is Gone.” Well, what is sometimes true in romantic relationships, can be true in our relationship with God. The thrill is GONE! You know it is true. You know it can …

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God Never Forgets

By Gay N. Lewis Three hundred people met in a large room. Talking and laughing, they milled about visiting in small groups, and they all wore name tags. Many knew each other already, but in case they forgot a moniker, a tag attached to a shoulder was a good reminder. None of them knew me. dementiaPhoto: I’d been asked …

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