The Front Door


Do people see a pleasant, clean entry when they arrive at your door? Everyone who rings the bell enters, right? Probably not. An uninvited visitor might appear, and you shoo him or her away. Perhaps you pretend no one is home and hope the person will leave. On the other hand, maybe you long for company, but callers don’t come. Scary images can detract people. Guests shy away from unattractive visuals.


A few neighbors, family members, or salesmen may not be welcome. Deflecting unwanted intruders is necessary, but does your dwelling appeal to visitors you like? A pathway to a home can present an obstacle course. Does the outside indicate the inside? Deterrents persuade wanted guests to stay away. A welcoming yard and home are more pleasant than clutter. A hospitable exterior invites guests.

Photo: Flickr/Colleen McMahon

A clean, beautiful place for guests is our desire. Now here’s a thought. How about a spirit from the netherworld? Like the unwanted salesperson, most people would say no to that caller. Exception? October. Children dressed as ghosts or goblins appear at Halloween for a night of fun. Owners open doors, smile, and give candy. Cute little people love to ring doorbells. They look forward to it all year. Folks expect their arrival and graciously prepare for the small fry.

Photo: Beyond Sunday School Answers

Uh-oh! Hold it. What about the supernatural guest? He’s not a goblin or a child. He is Jesus. He visits whether it is a holiday or not. The Lord God knocks on every heart’s door, and the amazing thing is that He doesn’t wait for the owner to clean the exterior or the interior. He knows the condition before He arrives, but He comes anyway.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me.” ~Revelation 3:20.

He won’t barge into a life or home but waits for an invitation. He is a holy gentleman. Children often run to the door to allow Him inside, but adults are more cautious. They gaze out peepholes, ask questions, and sometimes refuse to open.

Once invited in as a resident, Jesus allows the good stuff to enter a life such as joy, peace, love, patience, understanding. But other times, a person lets the bad stuff to come in to dwell also. Anger, unkindness, disgust, resentment. Oh my…the list can grow. The repulsive nature must give Jesus claustrophobia. Ugly thoughts, attitudes, and actions crowd His space.

A life can become quickly cluttered with bad substance. Take stock. It may be time to ask Him for help as you and He clean house and throw away the trash. Invite him inside. He’s a dynamic resident.

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